You know where you are. And you’ve decided where you want to go. But the path to get there can only be found by walking it. The path can lead you up a wall – sometimes literally. And there’s no way to plan for that until you get there.

We embrace the unique and unpredictable aspects of projects – and people – to deliver the best outcome with the least disruption.

“We will cross the river by feeling for stones.”
– Deng Xioping

We Believe:

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    Saying something once does not constitute effective communication.
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    Sometimes the most effective business tool is a sharpie and a stack of post-its. Or a brisk walk.
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    Valuing the whole person leads to stronger teams and better business results.
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    Harnessing the creativity and innate wisdom of the team can take your business places you never thought to go.

3-D Change

Our unique approach supports you through the vital steps of developing a clear vision and engaging your stakeholders. And we stay with you throughout implementation to identify undercurrents and adapt as needed. Our 3-D methodology ensures clarity and connection from start to finish.

Where are we going, and why? If asked, would every member of your team be able to answer this question? Would they all answer the same way?  The clearer your vision, the more likely the answer will be yes, and the more likely you will get to your destination.  Be clear and specific about the goal, and about why it matters.  Give them team a vision they can relate to – what will it look like and feel like?  How will they know if they have gotten there?  What will be different when the vision is realized?


Change is hard and scary, whether you’re the leader or the follower. Communication – two-way communication, is essential.  Team members need to clearly understand the vision, and the path to get there.  They need to feel like they have a part in it, They need to know what is known, and what is still unknown (it’s ok not to know, but it’s not ok not to say so).  They need a chance to ask questions, to make suggestions, to take a minute or a breath to adjust.  This takes time and patience and conversation and feedback loops and willingness to make adjustments as circumstances allow.  And all of that starts with dialogue – two-way communication.

Just because you told them doesn’t mean they heard it.  And just because they heard it doesn’t mean they will like it, or know how to do it.  Using assessments and methodologies drawn from multiple theories of leadership and change management, we work with you and your team to assess progress; identify gaps in understanding, willingness or other factors; and put interventions or supports in place as needed.