To be successful, organizational change needs to engage all stakeholders. But when the future is uncertain and emotions are running high, people naturally begin to withdraw and engagement becomes a challenge. An independent facilitator creates space for the honest conversations that will move the organization forward.

We work with you to clarify the conversations your organization needs, identify the right people to include, and shape the agenda. Then through skillful facilitation – setting the tone, leading exercises or discussions, and managing interactions to promote risk-taking and honest dialogue – we bring the best out of participants to build connection, energy, and shared momentum toward your business goals.

New Leader Assimilation

So much can go unsaid when a new leader takes over a team. And what you don’t know can hurt you. We facilitate a series of conversations to uncover fears or concerns and build connection and shared purpose between you and your team.

This program is most helpful 6 – 12 weeks after starting a new leadership role. Over a period of 4 – 6 weeks, we walk you through three steps:

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    Confidential interviews with you, your team and your own leader to gather input and understand expectations, appreciations, and areas of question or concern
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    Conversation with you to share generalized feedback and plan your response
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    Facilitated conversation with you and your team to reflect what you heard, share your response, and plan next steps as a team
Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is about more than making a plan.  It’s an opportunity to engage your entire ecosystem in setting and understanding the values and direction of the organization.  We work with you and your team to design a process that identifies current strengths and challenges, gathers input from all stakeholders, clarifies what matters most to the organization, and then defines a way forward that reflects your values, focuses your team, and guides actions and decisions for the entire organization.

Custom Solutions

What challenge are you facing today?

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    Rapid growth?
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    Shifting from innovation to production?
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    Managing in a merged culture of two different companies?
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    Transforming an out-dated business model? 
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    Working with your board to determine the next steps for your organization? 

Let us think with you about the conversations your organization needs to have, and how to make them productive and successful.  Drawing on a range of tools, experiences, and learning traditions, we create the conversations that engage and empower your people to move your organization forward.

How Can We Help Your Team Deliver Change?

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